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  • GC WebSolutions are now offering hosting Add-Ons to enhance your hosting packages. We currently offer Domain Privacy, Personalised Secure Servers, Email SMS Notification, goMobi Mobile Website Builder, Website Builder Plus and Search Engine Submission.

       Domain Privacy.   As a domain name owner you are required to provide contact information so that other Internet users can contact you if needed. This information is often referred to as the WHOIS information. Unfortunately this information is regularly used to send unsolicited emails (spam) or could be used by competitors or other third parties to find out your address and contact information.

    The good news is that we are able to protect this information for you using our domain name privacy product. For just £6.99 per year we will protect your real identity in the domain WHOIS databases by providing generic contact information using our domain name identity-secured.com. So rather than your address, your phone number and your name being displayed, all they see is identity-secured.com.

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       Email SMS Notification.   This feature allows you to receive emails or notification of email arrival via SMS. For example, you can set an email address such as sms@(one of your domain names) and have all the emails sent to this address automatically texted to your mobile phone and forwarded on to another address as well. You can also set up notifications so when email arrives at an address such as orders@(one of your domain names), a short text message is sent to you to tell you an email has arrived. The service costs £14.99 per month, includes up to 50 texts per month as standard and works on any of our hosting accounts.

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       GoMobi Mobile Website Builder.   Quick and easy to set up, goMobi gives you all the tools you need to create a website specifically optimised for mobile phones. Compatible with any domain name, goMobi uses a familiar icon-driven interface to ensure an effortless user experience. How it works: Let's say you have a website called www.your-site.com, you can set a mobile version of your site using GoMobi at mobile.your-site.com. When customers go to www.your-site.com in a mobile phone they will be automatically redirected to your mobile site. It's that simple!.

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       Search Engine Submission.   Make Sure Your Website Can Be Found !! Use our GC WebSolutions Search Engine Submission services to make sure your business can be found online. We will optimise and submit your website to hundreds of search engines and directories worldwide to help you unleash the full potential of your online business.

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       Personalised Secure Server. (SSL Certificate) Once you have your own secure server any files in your public_html directory can be called from your secure address. To order a secure server please select the web hosting package you would like to add the secure server to and then enter the details that should be shown on your certificate. Please note that SSL certificates may take up to 2 days to be activated once you have placed your order.

    1. Low cost security ideal for any small business website
    2. Based on the AlphaSSL product from GlobalSign
    3. 128-bit to 256-bit SSL encryption
    4. No Setup Fee
    5. Price inclusive of all fees and charges

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       Website Builder Plus.   Website Builder Plus uses the latest in Website Builder technology to create a dynamic and vibrant site with no technical expertise. Your site will have that "custom" look that is usually reserved for sites that cost a fortune to create by professional design agencies.

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Domain Name Registration

We carry out Domain Name Registration. Getting your domain name right is important, make it short, easy to remember and easy to spell.

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Email Hosting

We now offer Email Hosting for those clients without a website. Clients can setup an Email account while their website is being built.

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1-Click Installations

Install the webs most popular scripts in a matter of seconds

1-Click Installations

GC WebSolutuions offers some 64 different cgi scripts in their two business hosting packages, including Wordpress, Joomia CMS, Dropa17 CMS, php BB2 & php BB3 Forums and Elgg etc.

There is everything in our Business Starter (Silver) and Business Proffessional (Gold) Hosting Packages for for both beginners and advanced website designers.

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